[New Relics] Creepy Halloween Relics

Hello! [CM] Claude is here to introduce New Relics for Halloween.

Please check below to see the details.

Creepy Halloween Relics


※ The effect descriptions are based on Lv.5.

Franken Casey

Relic: Franken Casey

Effect: When an ally is eliminated, removes all debuffs of the equipped hero, and applies Debuff Immunity for 1 turn to the hero.

Halloween Nightmare

Relic: Halloween Nightmare

Effect: If the equipped hero has 2 or more than debuffs each turn starts, recovers 10% of the hero's Maximum HP, and applies Debuff Immunity to the hero for 1 turn.

Name Hunt Halloween

Relic: Name Hunt Halloween

Effect: DEF is boosted up to 50% and Debuff Resist is boosted up to 25% according to the decrease of remaining HP. 

Jack and Jack-O'-Lantern

Relic: Jack and Jack-O'-Lantern

Effect: When the equipped hero uses 3 Chain Skill, inflicts all opponents who have lower Speed than the hero 50% Crit Hit Decrease for 2 turns.


Where to obtain

Event Period: Oct. 26th after maintenance ~ Nov. 09th before maintenance

  • From Master Yo-Yo’s Lucky Draw Event’s SS Reward: Creepy Halloween SS Relic Selection Chest

  • From Master Yo-Yo’s Lucky Draw Event’s Ma-Yo Coupon Exchange Shop

  • When a SS Relic is picked up, the relic will be one of the new relics with 50% probability. New Relics will appear in every Pick-Up Cube with lower probabilities after the event period.

  • From Creepy Halloween Spirit Package:  Creepy Halloween SS Relic Selection Chest.

Hero Cantare Team