[Temporary Maintenance] Dec. 15th, 22:00~23:00 PST (Completed)

Dear Heroes,

Our servers will have an hour of temporary maintenance to fix some issues occurred after the latest maintenance.
Our team will fix these issues during the temporary maintenance below:
1. Server crash issue

2. Missing and wrong information of Idol Goods Vendor in the Event Calendar

3. Wrong cost of Cat’s Eye Odette’s Exclusive Relic in the awakening tree

- Correct Cost: 80 Cat's Eye Odette's Memories
- Current Cost: 60 Cat's Eye Odette's Memories
If you have acquired it from the awakening tree, 20 Cat's Eye Odette's Memories(the difference) will be deducted during the maintenance.

The compensation will be distributed accordingly:
1. Compensation for the temporary maintenance on Dec. 15th PST
- It will be distributed to all Heroes through the ingame mailbox.
- Items: 100 Adventure Tickets, 10 Light Sticks

2. Compensation for the issue in Arena/Team Arena on Dec. 14th PST
- It will be distributed to the Heroes who have played Arena/Team Arena from 19:00 to 20:30 on Dec. 14th PST through the ingame mailbox.
- Items: 2x Arena and Team Arena Tickets used during the issued period

We are sincerely sorry for your inconvenience.
We will do our best to offer satisfying in-game play for you.

Thank you,

Hero Cantare Team