[12/21] Known Issue


This is [Hero Cantare] CM Liddie!

We would like to notify the known issue after the maintenance on Dec. 21st PST.

1. Unclaimed Box Open Ticket rewards on Dec. 21st (Resolved)

We found an issue in the Box Open Ticket Mission that some Heroes who completed Daily Mission from 00:00 to 15:00, Dec. 21st couldn’t receive the rewards from the [Get the Box Open Ticket] missions even they collected enough Daily Mission Points.

The unclaimed Box Open Ticket rewards will be sent to the Heroes who had this problem to their ingame mailbox on Dec. 22nd~Dec. 23rd.

2. An Issue with Santaian’s Present box [Open] button

If you purchase Box Open Ticket while Santaian’s Present event is opened, the [Open] button is not activated even though you have enough Box Open Tickets to open the box. 

In case, you have to select other box to refresh your owned Box Open Ticket’s information. 

When this issue is fixed, we will notify it through the patch note.

3. Wrong figures in Patch Note and Ingame String: 666:Satan’s 3-Chain Skill

We have notified that 666:Satan’s 3-Chain Skill’s effect (Lv. 5) as below:

Attacks all opponents with [130% ATK]. If the Hero is in Madness, deals fixed damage with [120% ATK] to the opponent with the highest Maximum HP.

Also, current ingame string displays the same figures in the skill’s description.

However, we found that the notified figures in the skill string and ingame string displays wrong but it works as our team intended with the correct figures.

Here are the correct figures for 666:Satan’s 3-Chain skill (Lv. 1~Lv. 5) below:

We have corrected the figures in the Dec. 21st Patch Note but the ingame strings will be amended during the next maintenance on Dec. 27th. 

We are sorry for delivering wrong information.

We are sincerely sorry for your inconvenience.

We will do our best to offer satisfying in-game play for you.

Hero Cantare Team

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