[New Update] Other World Boss


This is [Hero Cantare] CM Liddie!

The nightmarized Natak Brothers invaded Tetra!

Burst your damage to get the best score!

Other World Boss

What is ‘Other World Boss’?

You have to clear Story Season 1 (Normal) Chapter 1 Stage 10 to open the Other World Boss in the World.  

Other World Boss has three nightmarized boss monsters - Lot, Ardune and Jwala, and they cannot be defeated since they have limitless HP. 

Each of them has different skills and patterns, so you should know their skills first and assign your Heroes to give the most damage to them.

As you give more damage to the boss, the boss's nightmarization level increases but it gives more and better rewards.


You can get Other World Boss Coin, Golds, Adventure Tickets as the rewards.

If you gave a specific damage to the boss for the first time, you can get Dungeon Passive and Other World Boss Coins.

Dungeon Passive: Buff effect only applied to the Other World Boss Dungeons. 

Other World Boss Shop

Other World Boss Shop is added in the Daisy's Exchange Shop.

You can purchase the items below:

※ Please be noticed that Unlimited Free Summon Ticket will be sold by the maintenance on Feb. 8th PST. Every remaining ticket will be removed during the maintenance on Feb. 8th PST.

Hero Cantare Team