[Patch Note] Feb. 8th, 2021 PST - UNHOLY BLOOD


This is [Hero Cantare] CM Liddie!

The game will undergo maintenance on February 8th to improve your gameplay experience.

Hero Cantare’s Special Collaboration - UNHOLY BLOOD is coming!

Feel the bloodthirst again! 

FEB. 8TH MAINTENANCE - Special Collaboration: UNHOLY BLOOD

▶ Maintenance Schedule: Feb. 8th (MON), 15:00 ~ 20:00 PST (5 hours)

▶ Next Maintenance Schedule: Feb. 16th (TUE) PST

▶ New Features 

1. Special Collaboration: Unholy Blood

Ten years ago, people who could transform into vampires began to appear.

Ever since then, these morphing vampires have been slaughtering people while hiding their true identities. Our society has turned into a waking nightmare.

I'm gonna change this living hell and return things back to the way they were.

If it's for the sake of everyone I love...

...I won't hesitate...... to put my life on the line.

  • Hayan Park (SS/Ice/Martial Arts)

Hayan Park’s Skills

  • Hayan Park’s Exclusive Relic: The Unstoppable Tragedy

  • Euntae Hwang (SS/Ice/Weapon)

Euntae Hwang’s Skills

  • Euntae Hwang’s Exclusive Relic: The Firm Will

  • Father Michael (SS/Fire/Weapon)

  • Father Michael’s Skills

  • Father Michael’s Exclusive Relic: The Reason To Continue Live

  • New Unholy Blood Event Relic: What's going on here?!

- [What’s going on here?!] can be equipped to all Heroes. 

- It can be acquired from the [Vampiarn’s Special Event] only.

  • Unholy Blood Heroes’ Hero Dungeons are updated.

2. New Event Dungeon: Corridor of Reminiscence

To celebrate the new special collaboration, Corridor of Reminiscence is opened!

Play the scenario dungeon [Corridor of Reminiscence] and exchange the rewards in the [Reminiscence Shop].

Corridor of Reminiscence has Story Mode that offers scenario and Repeat Mode that you can farm the items.

  • Event Period: Feb. 8th PST after maintenance ~ Mar. 22nd PST before maintenance

<Story mode>

  • Story Mode can be played with the designated Unholy Blood Heroes only.
  • If you don't own the designated Hero, the system offers one so that you can play the dungeon.
  • If you own the designated Hero, you can play the dungeon with your Hero.
  • You can read the webtoon-style scenario of Unholy Blood who crossed to the Tetra.
  • You can read the cleared story dungeon's scenario at the [Watch Scenario].
  • Story Mode doesn't require the ticket to enter.
  • Story Mode's Rewards

<Repeat mode> 

  • You can play Repeat Mode with any Heroes you own.
  • If you cleared Stage 1 of the Story Mode, you can play Stage 1 of the Repeat Mode.
  • If you want to proceed to the next stage of Repeat Mode, you should clear the same stage of the Story Mode.

- Story Mode requires to clear only once, and your clear record maintains.

- If you want to play Stage 3 of the Repeat Mode, you should clear 1~3 Stage of the Story Mode and 1~2 Stage of the Repeat Mode.

  • Repeat Mode has 3 difficulties as [EASY], [NORMAL] and [HARD]. If you cleared every stage in a difficulty, you can challenge to the upper difficulty.
  • If you cleared all stages in a specific difficulty, you can reset your records and start all over again.
  • You need [Corridor of Reminiscence Ticket] to enter the Repeat Mode's stage.
  • You can get 3 [Corridor of Reminiscence Ticket]s by clearing the missions every day.

  • You can purchase 5 [Corridor of Reminiscence Ticket]s a day using the Gems.
  • Repeat Mode's Rewards

  • If you couldn't clear a Repeat Mode's stage, your record will be kept and you can continue retrying the dungeon.
  • You can get more and better rewards from the higher stage and higher difficulty.
  • If you have clear record in the Repeat Mode, you can skip the dungeon by [Complete Immediately] button.
  • The damage from the [Complete Immediately] button is the sum of the damage given to each monster. It may differ according to the number of the remaining monsters.
  • If you reset the difficulty, the dungeon play record will be also reset.

<Reminiscence Shop>

  • You can exchange your collected [Piece of Reminiscence] to items at the Reminiscence Shop.
  • Reminiscence Shop and [Weekly] Reminiscence Shop are in the Event button.
  • The merchandises in the [Weekly] Reminiscence Shop are renewed at 00:00, every Monday. It will be renewed 7 times during the event period.

  • Reminiscence Shop is opened during the event period only. The items can be exchanged by limited times.

※ All unused [Corridor of Reminiscence Ticket] and [Piece of Reminiscence] will be removed when the event is finished.

3. Doki Doki Relics

Sweet Valentine’s Day, Doki Doki Relics have arrived!

[Valkyries’ Sweet Gift], [The Saint’s Special Celebration Day!], [In Gratitude] are added in the cubes in Portal. Also, they are included in the Doki Doki Relic Selection Chest which is sold in the Store and can be acquired from the Doki Doki Heart Box Missions. 

  • Valkyrie’s Sweet Gift

  • The Saint’s Special Celebration Day!

  • In Gratitude

4. New Background Skins

  • Love Rides On The Clouds

[Love Rides On The Clouds] can be acquired from the Valentine’s Day Hot Time on Feb. 14th, 2021.

After the Hot Time event is finished, it will be sold at the Background Skin for 300 Gems.

  • Be Polite Before God

[Be Polite Before God] can be acquired from the 10th stage of the Story Mode in Corridor of Reminiscence during the event period.

After the event is finished, it will be sold at the Background Skin for 300 Gems.

  • The Catnap Space

[The Catnap Space] can be purchased at the Background Skin for 100 Gems.

▶ New Events 

1. Unholy Blood 7D Check In Event

Best chance to get Hayan Park for FREE!

  • Event Period: Feb. 8th PST after maintenance ~ 23:59, Mar. 21st PST

  • Missions and rewards:

2. Unholy Blood Cube

  • Event Period: Feb. 8th PST after maintenance ~ Mar. 22nd PST before maintenance

<Unholy Blood Cube>

  • Unholy Blood Cube includes SS-grade Unholy Blood Heroes only and other S/A-grade Heroes. If you summoned SS-grade Hero, the Hero will be Unholy Blood Hero.

  • SS Unholy Blood Heroes take 3% in summon rate in total. 

  • Unholy Blood Relics have 50% probability to appear when you pull an SS-grade Relic.

  • Please be noticed that Unholy Blood Cube requires 5 Orbs of Collaboration or 100 Gems to pull once, and 45 Orbs of Collaboration or 900 Gems to pull 10 times.

  • Orb of Collaboration can be purchased from the Collab. Summoning Packs in the Event Shop.

※ Unlike Noblesse Cube, Unholy Blood doesn’t have a Selective Summon system. If you reach 101st summon, you will get a random SS Unholy Blood Hero.

3. Vampiarn’s Special Event

You have one more reason to pull Unholy White heroes, it’s for HIM... Vampiarn!

  • Event Period: Feb. 8th PST after maintenance ~ Mar. 22nd PST before maintenance

  • Mission and Rewards

  • Vampiarn’s Skill

  • Vampiarn is given as Grade SSS and Lv. 105 as maximum.

  • Vampiarn cannot be recalled by Recall Ticket.

4. Doki Doki Heart Box Event

The event that will melt your heart has arrived! Get Doki Doki Relics and Candies from the Doki Doki Heart Box!

  • Event Period: Feb. 8th PST after maintenance ~ Feb. 22nd PST before maintenance

<Doki Doki Daily Mission>

  • Mission and Rewards

<Doki Doki Exchange Shop>

  • Exchangeable Items

<Components in Doki Doki Heart Box>

- When you open a [Doki Doki Heart Box], you can acquire one item from the list at a certain rate.

5. Hot Time Events

Login specific time to get Golds and Adventure Tickets!

Moreover, special rewards are waiting for you on Lunar New Years day and Valentine’s day!

  • Regular Hot Time Schedule & Rewards

  • Lunar New Year’s Hot Time Schedule & Rewards

  • Valentine’s Day Hot Time Schedule & Rewards

6. Daisy’s Golden Exchange Shop

Daisy came to welcome the Unholy Blood Heroes! We bet her items won’t make you disappointed! 

  • Event Period: Feb. 8th PST after maintenance ~ Feb. 22nd PST before maintenance

  • Points Exchange Rate (USD)

  • Required Points and Rewards

7. New Hero Pass

  • Event Period: Feb. 8th PST after maintenance ~ Mar. 8th PST before maintenance

  • Points and Rewards

- [Random SS Hero Ticket [Hero Pass]] You can summon one random SS Hero or 80 Hero's Memories by using this ticket. (Heroes that were released a month prior to its addition, collaborated or event Heroes and Fallen Angel Michael are not included in this ticket.)

- [Hero's Memory Selection Chest] You can select and claim 100 SS Hero Memories among the list: Jue Viole Grace, God-Killer Zero, King Dark, Valkyrie, Crusade Mira Yoo, Baylord Yama

▶ New Packages & Merchandise 

1. Lunar New Year Collab. Summoning Pack

  • Sales Period: Feb. 8th PST after maintenance ~ Mar. 22nd PST before maintenance

  • Details

2. Collab. Summoning Packs

  • Sales Period: Feb. 8th PST after maintenance ~ Mar. 22nd PST before maintenance

  • Details

3. Doki Doki Packages

  • Sales Period: Feb. 8th PST after maintenance ~ Feb. 22nd PST before maintenance

  • Details

4. Lunar New Year Packages

  • Sales Period: Feb. 8th PST after maintenance ~ Feb. 22nd PST before maintenance

  • Details

5. Relay Packages

  • Sales Period: Feb. 8th PST after maintenance ~ Mar. 8th PST before maintenance

  • Details

▶ Improvements & Bug Fix 

1. Improvements in UI

1) Added recommended Awakening Slot and required Stars to open the slot


  • Emphasized the Passive Skills and Relics' Awakening Slots which affect huge in the Hero's growth.
  • Added required Stars to open the Awakening Slot on each Awakening Slot.

2) Attribution Superiority and Inferiority

  • Heroes' Attribution Superiority and Inferiority can be found in the Hero's information.
  • Tap [?] icon next to the Hero's attribution to check the Attribution Superiority and Inferiority.

3) Changed Cube Open flow in Portal

  • The result of the summoning will be able to check only once. 

- Current: The result of the summoning remains until the next summoning.

- Changed: The result of the summoning don't remain. It can be seen right after the summoning, and you can't find it again when you left the result screen.

  • When you open the cube for the first free summon, you can open the cube at the cube's main scene by the [TOUCH!] button in the middle.
  • When you have opened the cube before, you can open the cube [1 Time] or [10 Times] with the buttons at the bottom-right corner.

  • Odette's Quest can be hidden or revealed by tapping the arrow button.

4) Merged Content/Event Shops and Improvements of Shop's UI

  • [Exchange Shop] in the World changed its name to [Daisy's Shop].
  • Each shop in the content below are merged into the Daisy's Shop:
    Heart Heater's Quest House
    Hero Dungeon
    Trial Tower
  • The currency displayed in each content's shop is applied accordingly.
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly merchandises got the sticker. Also, the remaining time is displayed in the button.
  • The open hour for [Grabert Store] in the Trial Tower is changed.

- Current: Opened for 24 hours and on leave for 48 hours

- Changed: Opened for 72 hours and being renewed automatically without on leave.

5) Displayed changed stats when upgrading Relic & acquired Relics from the Forge

  • If the Relic's skill is upgraded by using the same relic, the changed status is displayed.
  • If new Relic is crafted at the Forge while the Relic inventory is full, the crafted Relic is displayed when you claim it and will be sent to your mail box.

6) Added arrows in the Other World Boss

  • Tapping the arrows in the Other World Boss can change the Other World Boss to challenge.

7) Miscellaneous Improvements

  • Added a pop up window for your confirmation when you selected the Heart Heater's Quest level.
  • Changed the displayed string in the Hard Mode's button for repeat.

- Current Display: Repeatable for x(Remaining Entry)

- Changed Display: Retry Ticket [(Remaining Entry)/10]

  • Changed the displayed string of Owning/Required Skill Upgrade Materials

- Current Display: Required / Owning 

- Changed Display: Owning / Required

  • Removed the checkbox and added [Complete Immediately] button in the Dimension Crack's each dungeon.
  • Changed the displayed string of the remaining purchase limit in the Shop.

- Current Display: Available: (Number of made purchases)/(Purchase limit)

- Changed Display: Available: (Number of remaining purchases)/(Purchase limit)

2. Heroes got their lines according to their emotion when they are touched.

▶ Finished Events 

1. Unlimited Summons (150 Free Summons)

2. 3 Pair Heroes Pick Up Cubes 

3. Pair Heroes Jumping Event

4. Pair Heroes Level Up Event

5. Pick-Up Cube: Urek Mazino, Chloris

6. Hero’s Extra Activity Event

7. Chaos Pass

8. Advancement Pass

9. Hot Time Event

▶ Finished Packages 

1. Commander Upgrade Packages

2. Pair Heroes Power Up Packages

3. New Season: Unlimited Update Packages

4. 1+1 Gems Packages

5. Relay Packages

*More update details will be provided in a later notice.

*Please be sure to close the game before the maintenance begins to protect your game data.

*Please be sure to download the update in a stable network environment.

Hero Cantare Team