[Patch Note] Maintenance on Feb. 22nd, 2021 PST


This is [Hero Cantare] CM Liddie!

The game will undergo maintenance on February 22nd to improve your gameplay experience.

Tetra League Update has begun from Feb. 22nd, 2021!

More contents such as Blind Arena System, Tetra Global PVP League and Tetra Guild Battle will be updated and Hero's balancing patch will take place that you would matter the most.

Please keep your eyes on Hero Cantare's upcoming news!


▶ Maintenance Schedule: Feb. 22nd (MON), 15:00 ~ 20:00 PST (5 hours)

▶ Next Maintenance Schedule: Mar. 2nd (TUE) PST

※ NOTICE: Regarding Unholy Blood Collaboration - Unholy Blood Collaborate Heroes are Hayan Park, Euntae Hwang, Father Michael and Ash only.

▶ New Features 

1. Arena System Renewal: Blind Matching System

The 1 VS 1 Arena will be changed as Blind Battle - You’ve chosen your opponent, but it will be changed that you don’t know your opponent until the battle starts.

Now you should team up the Heroes with the best strategy in the Blind Battle since you won’t be able to figure out who’s your opponent!

For more details, tap here.

  • Changed 1VS1 Arena’s UI

  • You can start 1VS1 Arena by tapping the ‘Battle’ button on the right bottom.

  • You can Auto Repeat 1VS1 Arena by tapping the ‘Auto Repeat’ button. Tap the button and set how many times you want to repeat. In order to Auto Repeat, you should have enough Arena Tickets.

  • If you tap ‘Battle’ button, you will find your match immediately and you can check the opponent’s Defense Team for 3 seconds. Then the battle will start.

2. Hero’s Profile Frame

Hero’s Profile Frame is updated! 

You can decorate your Hero’s profile with Frame, and you can show off in the chat and every place your Hero’s profile is being shown.

Currently Profile Frames can be acquired as a weekly reward at 1VS1 Arena, but we will add more place to get them. 

The Profile reward acquired from the 1VS1 Arena's weekly reward will remain during a season. Unless, it will remain for a designated period.

The Profile reward can be equipped while you have it and it will be exposed to other Heroes in the chat and matching.

<Where to find Hero's Profile Frame>

  • You can equip the Hero's Profile Frame at Profile. (Tap your main Hero's portrait on the upper-left corner.)
  • You can see the [Change Frame] button next to the [Change the background] button.

  • You can find your owning Frames.
  • You can check when the Frame will expire.

  • Equipped Hero's Profile Frame can be seen in chat and other contents where the Hero's Profile is exposed.

▶ New Events 

1. Arena Pre-Open Event

  • Event Period: Feb. 22nd PST after maintenance ~ Mar. 8th PST before maintenance

  • Missions and Rewards

▶ New Packages and Merchandises 

1. 1+1 Gems Packages

  • Sales Period: Feb. 22nd PST after maintenance ~ Mar. 8th PST before maintenance

  • Details

▶ Improvements & Bug Fix 

1. Fixed two issues with 2P in World Raid.

  • The order of generating Hero’s skill blocks at first and other turns were different. It’s unified to generate the skill blocks of the Hero in the front row first every turn.

  • The Guild Buff was not applied to 2P in World Raid. Every working Guild Buff will be applied to 2P in World Raid after the maintenance.

2. Fixed a bug that acquired Relic’s image from the Forge was not displayed if Relic was crafted without spending Fastcraft.

3. Fixed Hayan Park’s animation that had a glitched background.

4. Added a scroll bar in purchasing Arena Ticket so that you can purchase multiple tickets quickly.

5. Some events and packages' end time has extended. The extended events and packages are below:

  • Pick-Up Cube: Idol Rockcrawler, King Dark - Until 16:00, Mar. 2nd PST
  • Adventure Ticket Campaign - Until 16:00, Mar. 2nd PST 
  • Hero Pass - Until 16:00, Mar. 8th PST
  • Relay Packages - Until 16:00, Mar. 8th PST
  • Corridor of Reminiscence - Until 17:00, Mar. 23rd PDT
  • Vampiarn's Special Event - Until 17:00, Mar. 23rd PDT  
  • 2 Unholy Blood Cubes - Until 17:00, Mar. 23rd PDT
  • 3 Collab. Summoning Packages - Until 17:00, Mar. 23rd PDT 

▶ Finished Events 

1. Daisy’s Golden Exchange Shop

2. Doki Doki Daily Mission

3. Doki Doki Exchange Shop

▶ Finished Packages 

1. Doki Doki Heart Box Package & Doki Doki Spirit Package

2. Lunar New Year Level Up Package & Lunar New Year Booster Package

*More update details will be provided in a later notice.

*Please be sure to close the game before the maintenance begins to protect your game data.

*Please be sure to download the update in a stable network environment.

Hero Cantare Team

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