[Patch Note] Maintenance on Mar. 15th, 2021 PDT (Edited at 17:11, Mar. 15th PDT)


This is [Hero Cantare] CM Liddie!

The game will undergo maintenance on March 15th to improve your gameplay experience.

1 VS 1 Arena's second renewal took a place! Moreover, Commanders got a new skill!

Plus, a new hero who will dominate this war is updated!


▶ Maintenance Schedule: Mar. 15th (MON), 17:00 ~ 21:30 PDT (Completed)

▶ Next Maintenance Schedule: Mar. 22nd (MON) PDT

※ NOTICE: If you’ve claimed the weekly ranking rewards for the last week from 00:00 to 16:00, Mar. 15th, the difference will be given via ingame mail as the 1 VS 1 Arena’s rewards have been upgraded through this update. If you haven’t claimed the ranking rewards yet, you can claim the upgraded reward after the maintenance.

※ REMINDER: Please exchange your all Mission Performance Token [Red] before the event ends. 

▶ New Features 

1. New Hero: Maitreya Mujin Park (SS/Light/God)

  • Maitreya Mujin Park’s Skills

  • Maitreya Mujin Park’s Hero Dungeon is updated.

2. 1 VS 1 Arena System 2nd Renewal & Heroes' Balance Patch

1 VS 1 Arena has gone through one more renewal based on your feedback! 

First, both Blind and Pick-Up Match are available. For your information, Blind Match gives you more Arena Points than the Pick-Up Match.

Second, Weekly Ranking Rewards for all tiers are upgraded. 

Third, some limits are added - the number of purchasable Arena Tickets are limited to 10 times a day, and you can renew the opponent’s list for 1 VS 1 Arena 5 times in a day. Also, 1 VS 1 Arena is limited to 99 turns after this update.

  • Changed 1 VS 1 Arena’s UI

As indicated in the screenshot, there are three types of 1 VS 1 Arena - Battle with a random Hero or AI(Blind Match), Battle with a designated Hero or AI(Pick Up Match) and Battle with an AI(AI Match) from the top to bottom. 

  • Types of Matches

- Pick Up Match: You can check your opponent's information and set up your team to win. It has same Arena system before the Blind Match system.

- Blind Match: Since you can't check your opponent's team information, you will get more Arena Points from win and lose than other types. 

- AI Match: You can battle with AI until Challenger III. From Challenger II, you can't play AI Match. It's easier than other matches, it gives lower Arena Points.

  • Acquirable Daily Reward Point from each match type

  • Renew the List of Opponents

- [Renew] button is added again. You can renew the list of opponents using this button.

- Basically the list will be renewed when you finished a battle on the list regardless of match type.

- If you consider that the opponent on the list is difficult to win, you can renew it with this button.

- You can renew the list up to 5 days in a day for free.

  • 1 VS 1 Arena’s Rules

- 1 VS 1 Arena is limited to 99 turns. If the battle continues until 99 turns, the defender wins.

- You can’t be matched with the same opponent in 5 battles. 

- If you meet AI in the Blind Match or Pick Up Match and win, the given Arena Points will be the same as you can get from the AI Match.

- The amount of purchasable Arena Tickets is limited to 10 tickets a day.

- You can have an AI Match until Challenger III. If you reach Challenger II, AI Match will not be available.

  • Upgraded Weekly Ranking Rewards (Gems)

<Heroes’ Balance Patch: 666:Satan, Phantom Thief Liddie, Master Pooh Upooh>

  • 666:Satan (Edited at 17:11, Mar. 15th PDT)

  • Phantom Thief Liddie: All skills are redesigned.

  • Master Pooh Upooh

<Exclusive Equipment Balance Patch: Pitch Darkness Spear (God-Killer Zero)>

3. Commander Center’s Maximum Level Increase & New Commanders’ Skills

  • Commander Center’s maximum level increased from 70 to 80. 

  • Following the increase, Commanders can be upgraded to Lv. 80.

  • New Commander’s Skills are updated. Every opened Commander’s Skill works in the dungeon when you assigned the Commander in your team.

  • Some skill doesn't show the activation effect, but it works during the battle.

- Sarah’s second skill: Starlight

- Catherine’s second skill: Ready to Command

- Demitt’s second skill: State of Art

▶ New Events 

1. Pick Up Cube: Maitreya Mujin Park, 666:Satan

  • Event Period: Mar. 15th PDT after maintenance ~ Mar. 29th PDT before maintenance

2. Ragnarok Exchange Shop

  • Event Period: Mar. 15th PDT after maintenance ~ Mar. 29th PDT before maintenance

  • List of Exchangeable Items

※ [Piece of Condensed Power] can be acquired from Play Advent Boss event. Please exchange your Piece of Condensed Power before the event ends.

3. Returned 1VS1 Arena Pre-Open Event

To start 1 VS 1 Arena's pre-season all over again, we reopened 1VS1 Arena Pre-Open event.

We highly appreciate your cares and opinions.

We will try to make Hero Cantare better listening your opinions.

  • Event Period: Mar. 15th PDT after maintenance ~ Mar. 29th PDT before maintenance

  • Missions and Rewards

4. Chaos Pass

  • Event Period: Mar. 15th PDT after maintenance ~ Mar. 29th PDT before maintenance

- [Chaos Pass] can be found in the [Cantare Pass] icon.

- You can collect Chaos Pass Points by clearing Daily Missions or paying Gems and claim the rewards corresponding to the collected Points for 2 weeks.

- [Chaos Pass] has 2 types of rewards - Normal and Special. Special Rewards can be acquired when [Chaos Pass Ticket] is activated by purchase. 

- Once [Chaos Pass Ticket] is activated, you can claim all rewards passed by.

  • Missions

  • Rewards

▶ New Packages and Merchandises 

1. Maitreya Mujin Park Power Up Package

  • Sales Period: Mar. 15th PDT after maintenance ~ Mar. 29th PDT before maintenance

  • Details

▶ Improvements & Bug Fix 

1. Skill String Polishing: Jade Emperor Daewi Han

※ Since other skills and Relic can boost ATK including Wrath, we replaced the term ‘Wrath’ to include other accm. ATK boost. The skill itself doesn't change. 

2. Heroes’ Skill Improvements

  • Fixed a bug that Rachel doesn’t attack the opponent when it absorbed the Debuff [Taunt].

  • Changed [Immune to DMG]’s mechanism

- Current: When a turn ends, applied Buffs and Debuffs work and disappear in order. Thus, Immune to DMG helps not to receive the incoming DMG from a direct ATK or DoT Debuff applied before it works, but can’t for the DoT Debuff came after it.
i.e.) If a Hero had 1 Burn, 1 Immune to DMG and 1 Bleeding in order, Immune to DMG would block the DMG from Burn but it wouldn’t for the Bleeding due to the order.

- Changed: When a turn ends, if the Hero has Immune to DMG, the Hero won’t receive damage from the direct attacks and DoT Debuffs while it’s applied regardless of the applied Buff/Debuff’s order.

3. UX & UI Improvement

  • Supplemented Attribution Superiority and Inferiority’s explanation.

  • Improved Artifact Upgrade scene

- The number of selectable materials to upgrade an Artifact at once increased from 10 to 14. 

- You can select multiple materials to upgrade your Artifact by one touch. Tap the material’s grade you want to use with the [S]/[A]/[B] button in the middle. 

- You can check the material Artifact’s stat above. Only the last Artifact’s stat info is displayed. If you tap the Artifact, it will be removed from the materials’ list.

- If your Artifact is close to +7 Upgrade, only the materials that can upgrade till +7 will be selected. 

  • Added ‘Go Back’ button in Collection.

  • Added ‘Give Up’ and ‘Save and Exit’ button in Guild Labyrinth.

- For the Heroes who don't like their Guild Labyrinth score and don’t want to force-quit the game, ‘Give Up’ and ‘Save and Exit’ buttons are added in Guild Labyrinth.

- [Give Up] button: If you don’t like your Guild Labyrinth score, this button allows you to forgive your score, rewards and save your Guild Labyrinth ticket.

- [Save and Exit] button: If you want to quit the Guild Labyrinth during the battle, this button allows you to discontinue the game. It will record your score and give you the Guild Labyrinth reward. It will take 1 Guild Labyrinth ticket.

4. Fixed a bug that the working Guild Buff was not applied in the Guild War PVE.

5. Relieved the lag occurred in the Relic Inventory.

▶ Finished Events 

1. Pick Up Cube: Rachel, Sujin Lee

2. Rak’s Relic Crafting

  • Increased Rate for crafting S/SS-Grade Relics (x1.5)

  • Rak’s Relic Crafting (Daily Missions)

  • Special Exchange Shop

3. Advancement Pass

▶ Finished Packages 

1. Rachel Power Up Package

*More update details will be provided in a later notice.

*Please be sure to close the game before the maintenance begins to protect your game data.

*Please be sure to download the update in a stable network environment.

Hero Cantare Team