[Mar. 15th] Known Issues


This is [Hero Cantare] CM Liddie!

We would like to notify the known issue after the maintenance on Mar. 15th PST.

The displayed profile image of the Relic's equipped Hero has an error.

While 'Equipped Hero' is on, the displayed profile image of equipped Hero looks different from the actually equipping Hero.

Since fixing this issue requires a version update, it will be fixed during the next update on Mar. 22nd.

If a Hero meets an opponent in Blind Match meanwhile the opponent is also listed in the Pick Up Match, the Hero gets 2 battle records though had only one battle.

In case, if a Hero met an opponent at the Blind Match who is also listed on the Pick-Up Match, the Hero's Arena record would display 2 matches with the opponent although the Hero had only one match at the Blind Match, and the one show the Hero lost the battle regardless of the battle's result.

For the Heroes who had this issue, the lost Arena Points will be recovered on Mar. 16th PDT during the temporary maintenance.

We are sorry for your inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Hero Cantare Team