[Patch Note] Maintenance on Mar. 29th, 2021 PDT - April Fool's Day Update!


This is [Hero Cantare] CM Liddie!

The game will undergo maintenance on March 29th to improve your gameplay experience.

The Angel of Power, Uriel from The God of High School descended in Hero Cantare!

Plus, some changes with an April Fool have come to Hero Cantare to celebrate upcoming April Fools day! What will they be? You may be surprised!

MAR. 29TH MAINTENANCE - April Fool's Day Update!

▶ Maintenance Schedule: Mar. 29th (MON), 17:00 ~ 20:00 PDT (3 hours)

▶ Next Maintenance Schedule: Apr. 5th (MON) PDT

▶ New Features 

1. New Hero: Uriel (SS/Nature/Martial Arts)

  • Uriel’s Skills

  • Uriel’s Hero Dungeon is updated.

2. April Fool’s Day Background Skin

  • Tetra's Best Award Winning Painting

[Tetra's Best Award Winning Painting] can be acquired from the April’s Day Hot Time on Apr. 1st, 2021.

After the Hot Time event is finished, it will be sold at the Background Skin for 300 Gems.

▶ New Events 

1. Pick Up Cube: Uriel, Ghost Bride Hwaryun

  • Event Period: Mar. 29th PDT after maintenance ~ Apr. 12th PDT before maintenance

2. Hohoian’s Present!

The cherry blossom season has arrived! Pack your picnic basket with Cutie-Pie Relics!

  • Event Period: Mar. 29th PDT after maintenance ~ Apr. 12th PDT before maintenance 

  • Hohoian’s Present!

  • Hohoian prepared 5 grades of presents, and you need [Box Open Ticket] to open a present. 

  • It’s fine just opening it by using one [Box Open Ticket], but you may unwrap a present that you didn’t wish for. You’d better use more Box Open Tickets to increase the rate to get a better grade of rewards.

  • Did you use lots of Box Open Tickets but you couldn’t get the item you wanted? Don’t worry, there are more chances to have them by collecting [Cherry Blossom Orb] and [Bonus Point].

※ Please be noticed that the unused [Box Open Ticket] and [Cherry Blossom Orb] will be removed after the event is finished. Please use them during the event period. The unused event currency will not be refundable.

  • How to get the [Box Open Ticket]

1) Clear Daily Missions first and claim the tickets at the [Ticket Mission]. See more details at [Ticket Mission (Box Open Ticket)].

2) Buy the [Box Open Ticket] at the [Hohoian's Present!] event paying 20 Gems per each. Tap the [Purchase Tickets] button on the page to buy it.

3) Purchase the [Hohoian's Spring Open Ticket Package] or [Hohoian's Spring SD Relic Package]. See more details at [Hohoian’s Present Packages]. 

  • The number of required [Box Open Ticket] and the rates(%) of the grade for each present

e.g.) If you spend 5 [Box Open Ticket]s for opening Lv. 3 Box, you can get one of the SS-grade rewards with 1% probability. However, if you spend 10 [Box Open Ticket]s for opening Lv. 5 Box, the rate for SS-grade reward increases to 3%.

  • List of Hohoian’s Presents 

  • List of Bonus Point Rewards

[BONUS POINT] is given by the number of used Box Open Tickets. 

Acquired BONUS POINT is accumulated and repeats every 200 Points.

  • Ticket Mission (Box Open Ticket)

You can get [Box Open Ticket]s from the event missions. Basically you can collect Daily Mission Points to complete the missions at Ticket Mission.

  • Missions and Rewards

  • Hohoian's Exchange Shop (Exchange Shop)

You’ve used all the Box Open Tickets but you couldn’t get a Cutie-Pie Relic yet? Don’t worry, Cherry Blossom Orbs you’ve got from Hohoian’s Presents give you the second chance. 

  • Exchangeable Items

3. April Fool’s Day Hot Time!

Get April Fool's Day Hero, Pinocchian and April Fool’s Day themed Background Skin by login Hero Cantare on April Fool’s day!

  • Event Period: Apr. 1st, 2021 PDT

  • Hot Time Schedule & Rewards

Please be noticed that the time displayed in the mission is based on PDT.

  • Pinocchian's Skill

※ PLEASE BE NOTED THAT PINOCCHIAN'S SKILLS ARE DESCRIBED BASED ON HIS OPINION. We can't be sure his skills' actual performance. ;)

  • Pinocchian is given as Grade SSS and Lv. 90. 

  • Pinocchian cannot be recalled by Recall Ticket.

▶ New Packages and Merchandises 

1. Uriel Power Up Package

  • Sales Period: Mar. 29th PDT after maintenance ~ Apr. 12th PDT before maintenance

  • Details

2. Hohoian’s Spring Packages

  • Sales Period: Mar. 29th PDT after maintenance ~ Apr. 12th PDT before maintenance

  • Details

▶ Improvements & Bug Fix 

1. Unholy Blood’s event webtoons are moved to the [Hayan Park]’s Hero Dungeon.

2. Increased the maximum acquirable score in the Guild Labyrinth.

▶ Finished Events 

1. Pick Up Cube: Maitreya Muin Park, 666:Satan

2. Play Advent Boss

3. [Ragnarok] Exchange Shop

4. 1VS1 Arena Pre-Open

5. Chaos Pass

▶ Finished Packages 

1. Maitreya Mujin Park Power Up Package

*More update details will be provided in a later notice.

*Please be sure to close the game before the maintenance begins to protect your game data.

*Please be sure to download the update in a stable network environment.

Hero Cantare Team

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