[News] Developer's Note


This is [Hero Cantare] CM Liddie!

Lately, I keep hearing rumors that the developer is busy preparing for the summer update, so I sneaked in again!

Then I saw something like this...

※ The images in this notice are only drafts and are subject to change.

Thankfully, I was able to get some information after I nagged and bothered someone in charge >:)

The current inconvenient awaken system will be gone! You just need to look in one direction only!

Newbies who had a hard time figuring out what to open first, you won't experience that anymore!!

Compared to the previous one, the total cost required to open all Awakens remains the same, but the divided slots will be merged!

When you obtain a new hero, you have to click through the long awakening tree, right?

Now, with the 'Continuous Awaken' function, the hassle is gone! You can awaken all of the desired slots at once as long you have enough materials!

I also would like to give more news as soon as possible. However, our team leader is suspicious of me... so... I guess that would be all for now~

I'll gather some more information for you later. See ya around~!!