[Nov. 1st] Known Issues


This is [Hero Cantare] CM Liddie!

We would like to notify a known issue after the maintenance on November 1st PDT.

● [Problem] Honeycomb Game Improvement was supposed to be implemented today during the scheduled server maintenance, however it has been delayed due to an issue in Google API.

● [Solution] The improvement has been rescheduled and will be implemented on the server maintenance scheduled next week (November 8 PST).

● [Improvement Delay Reward] 3 Honeycomb Invitation Cards (Valid until Nov. 15 before maintenance)

● [Additionally] For the players whose 'Invitation Card' has been consumed during application was force-closed since last week, the 'Invitation Card' has been delivered to their mailbox during the maintenance time.


● [Problem] An issue where the probabilty of 'Chloris' and 'Night Queen Zero' in the 'Ghost Dancer Albelda' Cube Banner is not shown.

● [Solution] It has been checked and confirmed it was only a display problem. We apologize to the players who got confused about this issue.

● [Display Issue Reward] 45 Ghost Dancer Albelda Cube Tickets (Valid until Nov. 15 before maintenance)


● [Issue] Server maintenance was extended to 4 hours in order to fix the 'Honeycomb Game Improvement', however, it could not be fixed completely.

● [Solution] Rather than extending another hours to force fix it, the technical team has decided to open the server, and will try to fix it more accurately on the server maintenance scheduled next week (November 8 PST). We apologize for the extended server maintenance.

● [Display Issue Reward] 600,000 Golds, 200 Adventure Tickets, 45 Ghost Dancer Albelda Cube Tickets, 5 Arena Tickets (Valid until Nov. 3, 23:59 PDT)


We are sorry for your inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Hero Cantare Team