[Patch Note] Maintenance on Nov. 8th, 2021 PST


This is [Hero Cantare] CM Liddie!

The game will undergo maintenance on Nov. 8th to improve your game play experience.


▶ Maintenance Schedule: Nov. 8th (MON), 17:00 ~ 21:00 PST (4 hours)

▶ Next Maintenance Schedule: Nov. 8th (MON) PST

▶ New Feature

1. Season 1.5, Chapter 8 (Hard)

Story Mode: Season 1.5 Chapter 8 (Hard) is opened. You can play it after you cleared Story Mode Season 1.5 Chapter 8’s Normal Mode.

▶ New Events

1. Pick Up Cube: Queen No-name. Chloris

● Event Period: Nov. 8th PST after maintenance ~ Nov. 22nd PST before maintenance

2. Captain Meow’s Lucky Draw!

● Event Period: Nov. 8th PST after maintenance ~ Nov. 22nd PST before maintenance

● Each board contains 50 of unflipped cards.

※ You need a [Lucky Coin] to flip a card.

※ [Lucky Coin] can be obtained from the ‘Captain Meow’s Coin Missions’, ‘Purchase’ it by paying 35 Gems each, or from the Packages at ‘Store’.

● Captain Meow's Coin Mission

● There are 3 grades of rewards - Normal, Special, and Super Special

● Every reward shares the same rate and they are hidden behind the cards.

● List of the rewards acquirable from the board

※ Please be noticed that every player has a different board.

● Once you find all of the Super Special reward from the board, ‘Reset’ button will be activated. Once you click it, your board will be reset, and every reward’s place will be reset too.

● The 'Board Reset Reward' gauge below will be filled for every board reset. If you are available to claim the reward from the gauge, the 'Claim' button will be activated.

● List of items acquirable from the Board Reset Reward

● [Lucky Coupon] from the board can be exchange with other rewards at the ‘Captain Meow’s Lucky Shop’.

※ [Random SS Hero Summon Ticket] - Heroes that were released a month prior to its addition, collaborated, or event Heroes, Fallen Angel Michael, Vampiarn, and Pinocchian are not included.

3. Clear Story Dungeon (Hard)

● Event Period: Nov. 8th PST after maintenance ~ Nov. 22nd PST before maintenance

● Mission and Reward

▶ New Packages

1. Captain Meow’s Lucky Coin Packages

● Sales Period: Nov. 8th PST after maintenance ~ Nov. 22nd PST before maintenance

● Details

▶ Improvement & Bug Fix

1. For the players whose 'Invitation Card' has been consumed during application was force-closed since last week, the 'Invitation Card' has been delivered to their mailbox during the maintenance time.

2. Added permission request for ‘[Phone] Permission Check’ when accessing Hero Cantare.

※ Due to Google Policy, the [Phone] Permission is additionally requested.

※ [Phone] Permission Check is required to identify the country in which the players are playing and provide the appropriate language for the country.

※ For players who with Android devices, please allow [Phone] Permission to run Hero Cantare smoothly.

● How to Allow the [Phone] Permission?

1. The [Phone] Permission pop-out will appear automatically when accessing the Hero Cantare for the first time after tomorrow game update. Once it appears, please click the ‘Allow’ button’.

2. If you click the ‘Deny’ button, you must go to your ‘Device’s Setting → Apps → Hero Cantare → Permissions’ to turn on the [Phone] Permission to allow it.

▶ Finished Events

1. Lime Challenge’s Time

*Please be sure to close the game before the maintenance begins to protect your game data.

*Please be sure to download the update in a stable network environment.

Hero Cantare Team