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This is [Hero Cantare] CM Liddie!

Shall we look at the next update in Hero Cantare?

#Do we need specific deck to play Hero Cantare?

In order to clear the game content, some players are using the specific 'Fire Deck' or 'Light Deck', which requires a specific Heroes or specific Relics for it.

However, to obtain the required Heroes or Relics, they need to wait for the Rate UP! Cube which they don't know when it will be available.

So players will keep wishing for them to be available during each maintenance time.

Moreover when acquiring a Hero, unless it is [the Desired Hero/a Hero to complete a certain deck/a Hero with the same Awaken Passive as the one in the deck], it will be of no use.

So, before it's too late, our Hero Cantare Team decided to take this as the core of the next update, so that players can acquire / grow Heroes easier by improving on these aspects.

◎ Acquisition Feedback - It can help my deck, even just by acquiring! [Hero Collection]

- In the current Hero Cantare system, players can boost Heroes' stats through the 'Awakening Passive' as long as the Heroes have the same Type as the main, but if players acquire a Hero of another Type, it will not give any additional stat.

ex) If a player is using a 'Fire Deck' and acquires 'Dowon' which has nothing to do with the Fire Deck, there is only little or no any feedback from the player since it's not used.

- Previously, after the calculation of all Awakening Passive's number, it had to be lowered due to a balance problem, but this is not the direction our players want.

- Since we received so many feedbacks from our players about how it should work when acquiring of new Heroes, we would like to introduce [Hero Collection] system for it.

# Hero Collection

This is a new system in which all Heroes will become stronger when players acquire a Hero or upgrade the Hero’s grade (star).

※ Please note that this post is based on the Beta version. Contents or features may change when it becomes implemented.

Q: Regarding this system, does it mean that the players need to spend money to acquire all of the Heroes on the Collection so it will activate the options?

A: Nope, the option will activate even by possessing 1 Hero only.

Q: How do the new players fare since only SS Heroes are applied?

A: Not only Grade SS Heroes, Grade A and S Heroes also exist in the Hero Collection. Chloris and Crusade Mira Yoo, which can be acquired in Guide Mission and Relay Missions, will also be included in the Collection list.

More details will be provided in the January 17th (PST) / January 18th (CST) Update Patch Note.

◎ Acquisition Reinforcement & New Tactic Content - [Cube Dungeon]

- Most players who play the current Hero Cantare enjoy playing tactical contents such as [Guild Labyrinth/Advent Boss/Arena/Trial Tower].

However, once it’s cleared, the Advent Boss and Trial Tower no longer provides enjoyment in the future.

- Players' feedback on 'Acquisition' has been reinforcement through [Hero Collection], but the only way to acquire the desired Hero is by waiting for the Rate UP! Cube or event.

So, to solve both of the problems, a new content [Cube Dungeon] is added.

Cube Dungeon has certain entry conditions for each stage.

In addition, the 'Recent Clear Record' will be reset every specific season, and it is a new tactical content that randomly changes the monsters/entry conditions.

Players can acquire the Hero that they want using the [Cube Fragment] which that can be obtained from the 'Cube Dungeon' content.

For players who may be confused by the information that changes every season, there will be an information about the Team that has cleared the stage first so it can be used for reference.

※ Please note that this post is based on the Beta version. Contents or features may change when it gets implemented.

More details will be provided in the January 17th (PST) / January 18th (CST) Update Patch Note.

Along with the new contents above (together with some various events and costume), this will be the first scheduled update.

The second update is scheduled for the following.

- Additional improvement to acquire Heroes and Relics

- Additional improvement to acquire the Artifact

- Improvement for guide, etc.

We promise to support your joyful experience in Hero Cantare.

Please look forward to the plans above with some hidden updates in February!

# Hope you like our prepared update contents above.

As a reward, we have prepared a reward for all of our players.


(The coupon code will conclude before Feb. 7th PST / Feb. 8th CST maintenance) 

Thank you,

Hero Cantare Team