[Temporary Maintenance] Feb. 22nd, 00:30~01:30 PST

Hero Cantare will undergo a temporary maintenance from Feb. 22nd, 00:30 to 01:30 PST to fix in game issue.

● The following issue was found

# When summoning unowned selected hero in the Unleashed Pick-One Cube, players would obtain the Hero's Memory instead of the selected Hero.

● Solution

# Selected Hero that supposed to be obtained from Unleashed Pick-One Cube has been delivered to the players' mailbox and the obtained Hero's Memory has been deleted.

● Compensation for the Temporary Maintenance (Valid until Feb. 23rd, 23:59 PST)

# 10 Unleashed Pick-One's Wheel, 200 Adventure Ticket

We are sorry for your inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Hero Cantare Team