[Event] Shepherdian's Fan Art Event


This is [Hero Cantare] CM Liddie!

Shepherdian has prepared a Fan Art event to commemorate April Fool's Day!

Try to creatively recreate unique April Fool's Day Fan Art using Hero Cantare's various Heroes, background, in-game contents, etc.

Time to show off your skills~!!

[Example of Art created by Shepherdian]

[How to Participate]

- Upload your April Fool's Day Hero Cantare Fan Art in your personal SNS (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and put the #hashtag below.

● Hashtag: #HeroCantare_AprilFoolsDay

● Any post without the hashtag or posted in the Private Account, will be treated as non-participant. So please make sure to make your account into Public Account and don't forget to put the hashtag!

● Duplicate participation in multiple social media is possible.

● This event is available for any users in any countries.

[Event Period] 

● Mar. 29th ~ Apr. 2nd 23:59 PDT

● Mar. 29th ~ Apr. 3rd 23:59 CST

[Cumulative Rewards ] 

● 10 Arts: 410,000 Gold, 410,000 Level-up Material

● 20 Arts: 30 April Fool's Day Cube Summon Ticket

● 30 Arts: 50 April Fool's Day Cube Summon Ticket

● 41 Arts: 100 April Fool's Day Cube Summon Ticket

※ When the fan art reached 41 arts, 410,000 Gold, 410,000 Level-up Material, and 180 April Fool's Day Cube Summon Ticket!

※ Rewards will be inserted on the players' mailbox during server maintenance on Apr. 4th

All players will be rewarded according to the number of arts, so try to participate and show off your skills~ ♥️

Thank you.