[Patch Note] Maintenance on May 30th, 2022 PDT - Special Collaboration + 2nd Anniversary


This is [Hero Cantare] CM Liddie!

The game will undergo maintenance on May 30th to improve your gameplay experience.

Welcome to Hero Cantare’s New Special Collaboration, The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower!

Together with Global Server 2nd Anniversary~!


Are you excited for the update? Be ready for it!


▶ Maintenance Schedule

● Maintenance Schedule (PDT): May 30th (MON), 15:00 ~ 23:00 PDT

● Maintenance Schedule (CST): May 31st (TUE), 06:00 ~ 14:00 CST

▶ New Features

1. NEW - Collaboration Heroes

※ 4 New Collaboration Heroes and each of them got their own Exclusive Equipment and Exclusive Relics.

① Hyeonu Kim - SS / Darkness / Martial Art

*Base Stats without Awakening Mastery

● Hyeonu Kim’s Skill

② Miryeong - SS / Fire / Martial Art

*Base Stats without Awakening Mastery

● Miryeong’s Skill

③ Narin Ha - SS / Nature / Weapon

*Base Stats without Awakening Mastery

● Narin Ha’s Skill

④ AV - SS / Light / Skill

*Base Stats without Awakening Mastery

● AV’s Skill

● Besides that, all Collaboration Heroes’ Dungeons are updated!

2. NEW - Collaboration Heroes’ Exclusive Equipment & Exclusive Relics

① Hyeonu Kim

● Hyeonu Kim’s Exclusive Equipment - Token of the Advanced Player

● Hyeonu Kim’s Exclusive Relic - Unbroken Will

② Miryeong

● Miryeong’s Exclusive Equipment - Symbol of Pado

● Miryeong’s Exclusive Relic - Divine Spectral Queen’s Power

③ Narin Ha

● Narin Ha’s Exclusive Equipment - Book of the Keeper of Words

● Narin Ha’s Exclusive Relic - Simple Test

④ AV

● AV’s Exclusive Equipment - Gamer Full Set

● AV’s Exclusive Relic - AV’s Plystation

3. NEW - Event Dungeon [The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower] & Frame

※ To celebrate the new Special Collaboration, [Tutorial Tower] Event Dungeon is open! (~ Jun. 27th before maintenance)

※ Play the Scenario Dungeon [Tutorial Tower] and exchange rewards in the [AV's Advanced Player Exchange Shop].

※ Tutorial Tower has a Story Mode that offers both Scenario and Repeat Mode where players can farm the items.

※ More information about the reward for each Story and Repeat Mode can be found in the [Event] below.

<Story Mode>

※ Story Mode can be played with the designated [The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower] Heroes only.

※ When playing the Story Mode, only the Heroes that provided by the system can be used and cannot be changed.

※ Player can read the webtoon-style scenario of [The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower] who crossed to the [Tetra].

※ Story Mode doesn't require a ticket to enter.

● Story Mode Reward

※ New Frame [Tutorial Tower Frame] can be obtained when clearing Tutorial Tower Story Mode Stage 10.

<Repeat Mode>

※ Repeat Mode can be played using any owned Heroes.

※ However, in order to obtain all of the additional rewards, players need to owned each of the 4 [The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower] Heroes and the amount of the additional rewards will differ according to the total of the 4 Heroes' stars.

※ When the Stage 1 of the Story Mode is cleared, Stage 1 of the Repeat Mode can be played.

※ In order to proceed to the next stage of the Repeat Mode, player should clear the same stage of the Story Mode. (Story Mode requires to clear for once only, and the clear record maintains)

※ Repeat Mode has 3 difficulties as [EASY], [NORMAL] and [HARD]. The higher difficulty can be challenged once every stage's difficulty is cleared.

※ Once all stages in a specific difficulty are cleared, 'Reset' will be available for the player's records and can be started all over again.

※ [Ninth Layer Ticket] is needed to enter the Repeat Mode stages.

※ Free 3 [Ninth Layer Ticket] can be obtained by clearing the missions every day.

● Repeat Mode Reward

※ [EASY]


※ [HARD]

● Additional Reward (EASY / NORMAL / HARD)

3. NEW - [The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower] Trial Tower

※ New Trial Tower - The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower has been added and has 10 Floors to clear.

※ Player can repeat the Trial Tower from 1st Floor again after clearing the 10th Floor.

● Floor and Reward

4. UPDATE - [The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower] Hero Collection

※ New Category ‘The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower' in the Hero Collection has been added.

● Acquired stats can be confirmed in the ‘Passive Info’.

5. NEW - [Night of Seoul] Background

※ New Background has been added and can be acquired from ‘Looped Trial Tower’ event during the event period only.

※ Information about the 'Looped Trial Tower' event can be found in the [Event] tab below.

※ After the event period is finished, the background will be sold at the Background Skin for 300 Gems.

6. Heroes & Exclusive Equipment Balance Patch

● Sujin Lee (2-Passive)

● Witch of the West Mira Yoo (1-Chain, 2-Chain, 2-Passive, Exclusive Equipment)

● White (2-Chain and Exclusive Equipment)

● Odette (1/2/3-Chain, 1/2-Passive, EX)

● Heavenly Warlord (Exclusive Equipment)

7. EXPAND - [Hero Cantare] Trial Tower

※ [Hero Cantare] Trial Tower has been expanded from 151F to 180F.

※ New Frame [Hero Cantare Frame] can be obtained when clearing Trial Tower Stage 180.


8. RETURN - Hephai’s Special Forge

※ Hephai’s Special Forge is reopened during the event period (~ Jun. 27th PDT before maintenance)

※ The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower SS Relics - ‘Unbroken Will’, ‘Divine Spectral Queen's Power’, ‘Simple Test’, ‘AV's Plystation’ have been added in the Hephai’s List of Relic and can be crafted during the event period. Once the event is finished, all The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower SS Relics will be removed from the list.

● Information about the new Special Collaboration [The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower] and Global 2nd ANNIV. can be found in [HERE].

- Hero Cantare Team -