[Apr. 10th] Known Issues


This is [Hero Cantare] CM Liddie!

We would like to notify known issues after the maintenance on April 10th PDT.

● An issue in the new Hero [Yasratcha] upgrade material. 

# [Yasratcha] requires the [Chaos Shard] to upgrade the Hero's Star and currently the required item is shown as [Ice Shard].

# The issue was fixed by real-time resource patch at 03:35, April 11th PDT.

# For players who have already upgraded [Yasratcha] Hero, [Ice Shard]  used will be delivered back and [Chaos Shard] will be removed from their account during next week maintenance on Apr. 17th.

# If the players do not have enough [Chaos Shard] on their account, it will be shown - (minus) after the removing progress concludes.

We are sorry for your inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Hero Cantare Team