[Patch Note] Maintenance on Sep. 18th, 2023 PDT


This is [Hero Cantare] CM Liddie!

The game will undergo maintenance on Sep. 18th to improve your game play experience.

※ REMINDER: Pick Up Cube (Pair Hero) and Captain Meow's Lucky Draw! event will conclude during this maintenance. Please claim the reward and use up all the event items (especially the items with duration) before the maintenance starts.


▶ Maintenance Schedule

● Maintenance Schedule (PDT): Sep. 18th (MON), 17:00 ~ 20:00 PDT

● Maintenance Schedule (CST): Sep. 19th (TUE), 08:00 ~ 11:00 CST

▶ Events

1. Pick Up Cube: Yasratcha, Red & Blue Thryssa Bam

● Event Period: Sep. 18th PDT after maintenance ~ Oct. 2nd PDT before maintenance

● Event Period: Sep. 19th CST after maintenance ~ Oct. 3rd CST before maintenance

2. Endorsi's Upgrade Event

※ Finish the missions and claim the rewards.

ⓐ Endorsi's Upgrade Event

● Mission and Reward

ⓑ Endorsi's Bling Bling Upgrade Event

● Mission and Reward

▶ Finished Events

1. Pick Up Cube: Pair Hero

2. Captain Meow's Lucky Draw!

*Please be sure to close the game before the maintenance begins to protect your game data.

*Please be sure to download the update in a stable network environment.

Hero Cantare Team