1. Tap a hero you want to assign to your team.  

2. Each content requires different number of heroes to assign.

3. Combine and tap skill blocks to use hero's chain skills.

4. You can combine skill blocks to use new Chain skills. Mana will be consumed when the blocks are combined.
5. In order to use a 2 Chain skill, combine the hero's 2 skill blocks where it will consume 1 mana. For a 3 Chain skill, combine 3 skill blocks by putting 2 blocks and 1 block together. It will consume 2 additional manas.

6. You get 2 manas per surviving hero in your team when your turn starts.
If 4 heroes are alive, you will receive 8 manas max at your turn.

7. Once you completed combining all the chain skills, tap them to register on the line.
You can change the order of skills by dragging.

8. When you are ready, tap [READY] button to start the battle and watch the heroes' amazing newly acquired skills.