There are four ways grow your hero including increasing a Level, Star Grade, Awakening, and Origin Grade.

-Level UP-

1. You can use the 'Level Up' to grow your hero by consuming Gold, Level-up materials, Attribute Shards and Advancement materials.

-Star Upgrade-

2. You can use the 'Star Upgrade' to increase the Star Grade of your hero by consuming Hero Shards, Attribute Shards, and the Memory Gem.


3. Hero Awakening is divided into 6 grades. Each grade can be acquired according to the hero's Star Grade.

4. The required grade and number of materials are different depending on the Origin Grade.

5. All heroes can acquire Passive Skills and open Relic Slots through Awakening.

6. Certain heroes can obtain Exclusive Relic through Hero Shards, Attribute Shards, and Essence of Abyss.
7. Exclusive Relic can only be obtained once through Awakening.

8. Certain heroes can learn an EX Skill through consuming Hero Shards and Attribute Shards.
9. EX Skill is a hero's unique special skill with amazing animation.

How to Use EX Skills?

* If you use a total of 5 blocks of the corresponding hero during the battle, an EX Skill block is created and can be used.

10. When the Awakening reaches 22/40/54, you can acquire Awakening passive stats. 

11. Awakening passive stats are systems that increase the specific stats of all characters in the same grade.

12. When the first Awakening passive stat is acquired, the Origin Grade is upgraded from A to S.
Acquiring a second passive Awakening stat upgrades it to SS. A third passive Awakening stat will upgrade it from SS to SSS.