In the Hero Cantare, heroes can wear Artifacts, Accessories, and Relics as well as basic equipment. Let's look at each of the characteristics of the equipment.

-Basic Equipment-

1. The equipment is divided into 4 Parts, 8 Set Types, and 5 Grade.
- Parts : Armor, Boots, Weapon, Gloves.
- Types : Damage, Vitality, Destruction, Protection, Bloodsucking, Resistance, Guardian, Cit Hit.
- Grade : C<B<A<S<SS

 2. There is a Step Grade for each Grade.

3. You need 3 of the same equipment for Equipment Enforcement.


4. Artifacts are divided into 6 set types and 5 grades.
- Types : Damage, Vitality, Destruction, Bloodsucking, Guardian, Cit Hit.
- Grade : C<B<A<S<SS
5. When upgrading an artifact, if there are less than 4 random stats, a new stat is added, and if it equals to 4, the stat is upgraded.

6. The basic stat upgrade of the artifact is guaranteed and one random stat is also upgraded.
7. All artifacts can be upgraded up to 7.

8. General Artifacts can be obtained by consuming the equipment of the same rating/type in the Forge.

9. Boss artifacts can be obtained through Boss Advent dungeons or can created it at the Forge.

Equipment Set Effect

1) If you put on equipment or artifacts of the same grade/type, you will receive a set effect.
2) Go for the maximum effect by the setting up the right equipment set for your hero.


10. Accessories are divided into 4 grades.
- Grade : B<A<S<SS

11. If you have 3 accessories of the same grade, you can get a upgraded accessory at at chance through an upgrade.

12. Mana Essence can be obtained through guild content or Dimension Store and can radnomly change the stats of accessories.


13. Reics are divided into 5 grades
 - Grade : C<B<A<S<SS

14. Heroes can equip up to 2 Relics.

15. Relics have basic and skill levels.

16. The basic level cap is 20 while skill level cap is 5.

17. When the same relics is upgraded with material, the skill level increases by 1.


18. In the inventory, a Hero Shard can be exchanged with a Memory Gem of the same grade, and unused equipment can be sold for the Gold.


19. If you purchase a Hero Shard using a Memory Gem, the price will increase by 1 Gem. Bulk purchasing 30 Shards will cost 5 more Gems.

20. You can obtain basic equipment and accessories at the 'Summon Equipment' using Gems.