[Patch Note] 11/09 Maintenance


This is [Hero Cantare] CM Liddie!

The game will undergo maintenance on November 9th to improve your gameplay experience.

▶ Period: Nov. 9th, 15:00 ~ 19:00 PST (4 hours)

▶ New Features 

1. New Hero: Night Queen Zero (SS/Nature/Weapon)

  • Night Queen Zero's skills

2. Background Skin Update

Background Skins are updated which allow you to change the background image in the main scene.

  • How to change a Background Skin 

1) Tap your main Hero’s profile image on the top-left corner.


2) Tap the ‘Changed the background’ button.


3) Select a background skin on the right and check its preview image on the left. You can check the background image with a background frame or hide it. If you like to purchase the background skin, tap the ‘Purchase’ button.



4) Once your purchase is successful, you will find the background skin’s icon got color and you can apply it by tapping the ‘Apply the background’ button.


5) Enjoy your favorite Hero’s image on a gorgeous background skin!


  • Updated Background Skins

3. World Raid - Party Play 

World Raid’s party play opened. Fight against Michael with your partner and get more rewards!

4. World Arena

World Arena is re-opened for 2 weeks from Nov. 9th after maintenance to Nov. 23rd before maintenance.

▶ New Events 

1. Pick Up Cube: Night Queen Zero & Jue Viole Grace 

  • Event Period: Nov. 9th PST after maintenance ~ Nov. 16th PST before maintenance
  • Halloween relics are added in the Pick-Up Cubes.

2. Hero Level Up Mission: Night Queen Zero 

  • Event Period: Nov. 9th PST after maintenance ~ Nov. 16th PST before maintenance
  • Event Missions and rewards

3. Background Skin Event 

  • Event Period: Nov. 9th PST after maintenance ~ Nov. 16th PST before maintenance
  • Event Missions and rewards

4. World Raid Party Play Clear 

  • Event Period: Nov. 9th PST after maintenance ~ Nov. 16th PST before maintenance
  • Event Missions and rewards

▶ New Packages 

1. Night Queen Zero Power Up Package ($ 44.99) 

  • Sales Period: Nov. 9th PST after maintenance ~ Nov. 16th PST before maintenance
  • Components
    - 2,000 Gems
    - 50 Necromantic Nature Stones
    - 20 Superior Necromantic Nature Stones
    - 5,000,000 Golds 

▶ Finished Events 

1. Ma-Yo’s Lucky Draw & Ma-Yo Coupon Exchange Shop 

  • Please be noticed that all Ma-Yo Coins and Ma-Yo Coupons acquired from this event period will be terminated during the maintenance on Nov. 9th, so please use them up before the event ends.

2. Pick-Up Cube: Prime King Uma & Nine-tailed Ilpyo Park 

▶ Finished Packages 

1. Creepy Halloween Ma-Yo Coin Package 

2. Creepy Halloween Spirit Package 

*More update details will be provided in a later notice.

*Please be sure to close the game before the maintenance begins to protect your game data.

*Please be sure to download the update in a stable network environment.

Hero Cantare Team 

Boring update.Nothing special. No enjoyable content.

2명 이 주제를 좋아합니다.

Great update, nice new hero and backgrounds are cool. Not sure what other trolls are looking for in a game. 

The huge part of players are looking for exiting and funny events . Also it musn't be too hard to complate. And noone is troll in this game. Players spends time and money for this game. Do you know what players look for in this game now?

3명 이 주제를 좋아합니다.

Was just wondering what people are looking for, as I see more comments about how the game is dead/dying than how good it is. Some events would be nice, but most games which run events end up being very rinse and repeat, such a E7 were every two weeks is the same event with a new skin.  I would like to see S2 coming out soon, but also many wanted World Arena returned so they are listening to what honest paying people want. 

2명 이 주제를 좋아합니다.

idk take my gems its not like I use them anyways 

1명이 이 주제를 좋아합니다.
Out of all the heroes in HCLW we get another version of Zero nobody asked for. For months y’all have given us recycled versions of heroes instead of new characters. Shitty events, boring hero releases, lack of actual content, 0 buffs/nerfs, and no attention payed to whats meta. This game had so much potential and devs blew it.

2명 이 주제를 좋아합니다.

I would say it still has time to balance all those comments, it is not even a year old yet I think. Give it a bit more time, I think it does thinks better than other games I play/played. Cheers. 

1명이 이 주제를 좋아합니다.

This game has been out for over 2 years in KR. Its had enough time to balance itself and still refuses to do so even with Global/JP audience. This by far is the worst gacha game I've played. They had an entire survey to listen to players choices for new heroes and decided to completely go against them. Now I understand it takes time to develop and test heroes but if this was their regular character release with or without the survey, its absolutely garbage.

2명 이 주제를 좋아합니다.
Stop with the SS new version of existing character. Please at least make the S or A class to SS version. Not another who already a SS.

1명이 이 주제를 좋아합니다.