[Event] Rewards for World Raid Completion Certification Event have been distributed

Dear Heroes,

Thank you for your participations in world Raid Completion Certification Event!

The rewards are successfully delivered at 2:00 AM, Nov. 20th PST, so please check your ingame mail box.

※ An issue that acquired World Raid Coins from the mail box didn't work at World Raid Shop has been fixed at 04:17 AM, Nov. 20th PST.


- Easy: 100 Gems and 1,000 World Raid Coins

- Normal: 100 Gems and 1,500 World Raid Coins

- Hard: 350 Gems and 2,000 World Raid Coins

- Hell: 500 Gems and 3,000 World Raid Coins

Please be noticed that the rewards are sent to the heroes who submitted correct information during the event period. 

Event Post: https://bit.ly/3nI1nTa

We will be back with other event soon, so stay tuned! ;)

Thank you,

Hero Cantare Team