[New Update] Commander System


This is [Hero Cantare] CM Liddie!

Since the strong nightmarized monsters appear in the new season, the commanders joined to support the Heroes.

Let’s see how they can help us!

Commander System

What is ‘Commander’?

Commander is an unplayable character but supports your battle with their own ability. 

You can upgrade the Commander’s level which will increase your Heroes’ stats and Dimension Stats to fight the nightmarized monsters.

In order to upgrade the Commander’s level, you should upgrade the Command Center’s level first. You can get the Command Center Security Key from the City Search.


You have to clear Story Season 1 (Normal) Chapter 1 Stage 1 to open the Commander in the main.

Command Center

  • You have to upgrade your Command Center first to level up your commanders.

  • Golds, Level-up Materials and ‘Command Center Security Key’ are required to level up the Command Center.

  • ATK, HP and DEF of your Heroes increase in accordance with the Command Center’s level. 


Commanders increase your Heroes’ specific stats and Dimension stats. Also they support your battle with their skills.

  • Commander’s level cannot exceed the Command Center’s level.

  • Commanders’ Dimension Stats

Commanders’ Dimension Stats will be activated when you level up the Commander and assigned to your team in the battle against the nightmarized monsters.

- Shinwonryu: Decreases Nightmarized monster’s Nightmarization DEF.

- Charyuk: Decreases Nightmarized monster’s Nightmarizaition ATK.

  • When the commander reaches a specific level, their Dimension Stat and Commander Skill will be opened.

Each Commander’s Information

  • Sarah Coldwell

- She increases Heroes’ ATK, HP and Crit Hit DMG.

- Sarah Coldwell’s Skill in battle

  • Catherine

- She increases Heroes’ ATK, HP and Block Rate.

- Catherine’s Skill in battle

  • Demitt

- He increases Heroes’ ATK, Debuff Accuracy and Debuff Resist.

- Demitt’s Skill in battle

How to assign the commander in battle

  • You can assign a commander at the Team Up.

  • Only one Commander can be assigned in the team and the assigned Commander’s bonus stats apply to the Heroes in the battle.
  • When the battle starts, you can see the Commander’s profile on the upper-left corner. You can see the commander’s skill and stats when you tap it.

  • The Commander’s skill can be activated only once in a battle. When it’s activated, you can see the activation effect.

You’d understand a good commander will lead you to a victory easily. 

Increase your Heroes’ stat quickly with the Commander System!

Hero Cantare Team