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This is [Hero Cantare] CM Liddie!

Hero Cantare : UNLIMITED! And the upcoming Tetra League!

Shall we check what will be next in Hero Cantare?

Road Map for February, 2021 

◎ Hero Cantare : UNLIMITED the 3rd update


[??? ???? ?????]


You’ve waited so long!

We’re sorry that we can’t reveal it yet… It’s still a secret. Please stay tuned for what comes in February! ;)


[UI/UX Improvement]


Inconvenient or unnecessary actions will be reduced and unclear information will be improved.

It will not be just a one-time improvement. We will gather more feedback from the Heroes and keep fixing it.


◎ Changes in 1 VS 1 Arena


[Blind Battle]


The 1 VS 1 Arena will be changed as Blind Battle - You’ve chosen your opponent, but it will be changed that you don’t know your opponent until the battle starts.

The current Arena can’t give you enough tense and surprise since every player could choose the opponent who has weaker Power or you can win easily. Also it was easy to get a higher tier paying many Arena Tickets.

However, you should team up the Heroes with the best strategy in the Blind Battle since you won’t be able to figure out who’s your opponent.


◎ Ranking Honor Reward for each content


[Ranker’s Profile]


Rankers from each content will receive the Profile rewards.

The Profile reward will remain during a season for the contents having season. Unless, it will remain for a designated period.

The Profile reward can be equipped while you have it and it will be exposed to other Heroes in the chat and matching.



Road Map for March~May, 2021 

◎ Global Matching System


As a skirmish of the Tetra PVP League, Global Matching will begin.

In the contents like Arena, Team Arena, World Arena or World Raid, Heroes can be matched or cooperate without a border between countries and servers.

In addition, all Heroes will compete for ranking with the Heroes of all country/server during the global matching period.


◎ Tetra PVP League

[Tetra PVP server/country Competition]


After the global matching, Tetra League for each server/country will be held.

Every Hero in each server becomes their server/country’s participant and competes with the other server/country’s Heroes.

The server competition for each server will be held by each server.

Every Hero will get a tag like [Global 1 (Rockcrawler)], [Global 2 (Crusade Mira)], and the winner’s server will receive the honorable rewards.

The country competition for each country will be held by each country regardless of the server.

Like the server competition, the winner’s country will receive the honorable rewards.


[Tetra PVP Champion’s League]

Champion’s league is the battle of the champions who won the Tetra League who represents their server or country.

Based on the winner’s server and country, the honorable reward will be given to all Heroes in the server/country.


[Tetra PVP All-Out War]


Tetra PVP All-Out War is a battle for all Heroes regardless of their server or country.

If you win a PVP, the point will be added to your group(server or country), and the group which got the most points wins in Tetra PVP All-Out War.

If any group doesn’t have equal Heroes, a benefit will be given for the balancing.



Road Map for May, 2021 


◎ Tetra Guild Battle


[Raise the guild flag! Our guild is the best!]


Guild War surely needs to be a part of PVP, right?

Tetra Guild Battle is the Guild War compete with a guild in other server/country.

Of course the honorable rewards will be given to the guild members who won the Tetra Guild Battle.



We promise we will try hard to continue your joyful experience in Hero Cantare.

Please wait for the plans above with the hidden update in February!


Thank you,

Hero Cantare Team

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