[News] Additional Renewal in 1 VS 1 Arena and Current Progress


This is [Hero Cantare] CM Liddie!

We’ve received much feedback after updating the Blind Matching System in 1 VS 1 Arena.

Every opinion has been delivered to the devs and they are trying to reflect into the new Arena as much as possible.

Since fixing the current Arena takes time, we’d like to share how it will be changed in advance in the middle of the development.

<The Reason of the Renewed Arena and Our Mistakes>

  1. The reason we adopted Blind Matching System

You could win easily with over 90% of the average winning rate since you knew your opponents’ team and it didn't have much variation. 

We thought this wasn’t correct since PVP’s purpose is having Heroes to compete with their own strategies by building the Arena team. However, it became a meaningless daily grinding and brought obvious results with many Arena Tickets.

We had expected the Heroes’ spontaneous judgement and wise choice in the given situation through the Blind Matching System.

  1. Mistakes and caused problem

Here are what we missed in the development that had to be considered for the previous update.

We sincerely apologize for our mistakes that disappointed you. 

  • Decreased expected reward by the dropped average winning rate

After we updated the Blind Matching System, the winning rate in the middle tiers dropped by 20~30% approximately.

Also, the Heroes who used to stay in the Challenger’s tier by matching with AIs cannot do so since every matching is made randomly.

It caused the weekly Arena rewards generally dropped. 

  • Lost playing pattern of Arena

Many Heroes have enjoyed playing Arena analyzing the opponent’s team.

However, we were sorely focused on offering new fun via Blind Matching and missed the Heroes’ idea who’ve had fun with the previous Arena system. We removed their fun who liked analyzing the opponent’s team.

<Additional Renewal in Arena - Current Progress>

As we disappointed many Heroes after updating the Blind Matching System, we called a meeting to renew it again.

Of course some Heroes would enjoy the Blind Matching system, but we should be in charge of the complaints about the changed Arena’s system so our devs are focusing on the additional renewal in Arena.

  1. Selection between Blind Matching and Pick-Up Matching

  • We’d like to recover the Pick-Up Matching for the Heroes who’ve enjoyed Arena with the strategies.

Both Blind Matching and Pick-Up Matching will be available in 1 VS 1 Arena.

  • Acquiring Arena Points based on high risk high return, vice versa

If you win in the Blind Matching which can’t show your opponent, you will get more Arena Points. If you lose, you will not lose as many points as in the Pick-Up Matching.
If you win or lose in the Pick-Up Matching which generally has moderate winning rate, you will gain or lose similar Arena Points.

  1. AI Matching

  • AI Matching is added in the match list.
    Like before, you can battle with AIs until Challenger III. However, if you reach Challenger II, AI matching will not be available. 

  1. Purchase Limit in Arena Ticket

Not to make the Arena a meaningless grinding by spending Arena Tickets, we’d like to add the purchase limit in Arena Ticket.

We will set the limit considering the number of average purchased tickets in a day was 3~4 tickets.

  1. Increased Season Rewards

All season rewards will increase.

Although it will be possible to get in a specific tier through the Pick-Up Matching, we judged increasing general Season Reward is required. 

Our devs are adjusting the increased season rewards.

<Other Improvements>

  • Balance Patch for the unpopular Heroes

We’re preparing a balance patch for the Heroes which are not preferred in Arena and other contents.

Even though it had a balance patch but still will not be used, we will try to give it a position through the rebuilding.

  • Balance Patch for some elements that are too good in PVP

We’re reviewing some elements in many ways such as to nerf them only in PVP (maintaining in PVE) or limit them to use in different seasons. 

  • Limit in Turns

Most battles are completed in 50 turns, but it sometimes exceeds 5,000 turns.

In order to prevent the battle not to go long as well as make it acceptable for the team focusing on the defense, we will limit the turns in Arena.

※ All above are in the development or planned so it can be changed at the real updated version.

We appreciate your opinions and feedback and they are delivered to the developers.

We are looking forward to having your more interests, complaints and opinions.

Thank you,

Hero Cantare Team