[New Update] Global Arena (BETA)


This is [Hero Cantare] CM Liddie!

Finally! Cross-Server Real-Time PvP has arrived in Hero Cantare!

Challenge to be the strongest of all players in the world!

Q: What is Global Arena?

A: Global Arena is a real-time PVP mode that allows you to compete for ranking with other players from ALL servers.

Q: What are the requirements to participate in Global Arena?

A: A player who clears the story Season 0, 13-10 (Normal), and has at least 12 heroes

Q: Does Global Arena have a certain period?

A: Since this Global Arena is the Beta version, it will be closed at the end of the period. After that, Global Arena is planned to be managed by the specific season system which opens the ranking competition during the season period. The season details can be found in the Patch Note.

Q: How can the Tier be determined?

A: Player Tier will be placed automatically by system depending on the total power of the 12 strongest Heroes when entering the Global Arena for the first time.

■ Global Arena Information

1. All heroes who are placed in Global Arena are adjusted to the maximum level, 105.

2. Players can play Global Arena for free without a ticket.

3. Each player can pre-ban a hero before the battle.

4. Each Player drafts the 5 heroes from their own heroes by a certain order if a match starts. The players cannot pick already chosen or pre-banned heroes.

5. Also, each player can ban a hero of the opponent hero after the draft completion.

6. Even though you set the Auto Skill Setting, it will not be saved after a match. Therefore, make sure to set it again before you decide to use it.

7. Players can play a match up to 30 turns. When neither player wins the match after 30 turns, the player with more remaining HP left becomes the winner.

8. If any player leaves or gets disconnected during the match, the player will lose automatically. Please, play Global Arena in the stable network environment.

■ Global Arena Tier

■ How to play Global Arena?

1. Enter the 'Global Arena' through the 'Arena' from the main screen.

2. Players can check their information in Global Arena’s lobby screen.

① Season Reward: Players can check the reward by ranking achievement. Some rewards are obtainable only during a certain period.

② Forbidden List: Players can check unavailable Heroes and Relics during the current Global Arena period.

③ Recent Record: Players can check the record of the recent Global Arena's result.

④ Top 100: The ranking list for the top 100 players in the current season.

3. Click the 'Start Match' button to find opponent.

4. Queue Phase: When a match is up, each player has 10 seconds to accept or refuse the match.

5. Pre-ban Phase: If two players accept the match, each of the players should choose 1 Hero to ban before the pick phase. If the player does not select any Hero to ban, a random Hero will be banned automatically. The time for pre-ban is up to 30 seconds.

6. Draft Phase: After the Pre-ban Phase, both players can select their Heroes alternately until each player chooses 5 heroes. Players cannot choose a Hero who has already been chosen or pre-banned. Each chance to choose is up to 30 seconds. If the player does not choose any Hero to place, a random Hero will be chosen automatically.

7. Last Ban Phase: After both players finished the Draft Phase, they should ban a Hero in the opponent team. If the player does not select any Hero to ban, a random Hero will be banned automatically. The time for the Last Ban is up to 30 seconds.

8. Final Preparation Phase: Players should edit the team setting (equipment, position, commander, etc.) after the Last Ban Phase for 60 seconds. When the player is ready, the player can tap the 'Ready' button to standby for the match. Please, note that you cannot cancel the ready status after tapping the 'Ready' Button. When both players tap the button or the time limit is ended, the battle starts.

※ The images here are only drafts and are subject to change.

■ Global Arena Effect

■ Global Arena Reward

● Season Ranking Reward

●  Global Arena Frame

● Weekly Mission Point Reward

※ Win Match = 5 Points, Lose Match = 2 Point

※ Please note that this post is based on the Global Arena Beta version. Contents or features may change when the regular season begins.

Hero Cantare Team